Dr. Didier Dietschi, D.M.D, PHD


Received his degree in Dentistry in 1984, a Doctoral thesis in 1989 and Privat-Docent degree in 2004 all from the University of Geneva; he also earned a PhD degree in 2003 from ACTA University, in Amsterdam (Netherlands). After maintaining various teaching and research positions at the University of Geneva, he is currently active as a senior lecturer at this university and is also adjunct Professor at Case Western University, in Cleveland (USA). He has authored more than 100 publications in the field of adhesive & aesthetic restorations and has given hundreds of lectures worldwide. Dr. D. Dietschi is in charge of perio-implant surgery and also is performing anterior aesthetic restorations.


It became increasingly important to diagnose early signs of tooth wear so that proper preventive, and if needed, interceptive-restorative measures are being engaged in due time, before major tissue destruction occurs. Interceptive and restoratives approaches as well, imply an increase of Vertical Dimension of Occlusion (VDO) to help re-establishing proper anatomy and function, with minimal if not no preparation at all. The use of direct composite (free-hand or moulded) or partial luted tooth-coloured restorations (CAD-CAM composite / CAD-CAM or pressed ceramics) have proven their potential for the treatment of moderate to advanced tooth wear. Treating tooth wear and fulfilling modern, proven restorative concepts involve highly specific and detailed treatment planning involving aetiology, risk factors control and the biomechanical status of each tooth to be treated.

This program will review recent knowledge and clinical concepts related to early restorative interventions (using adhesive techniques and minimally invasive protocols) outlining their potential to restrict on-going tissue destruction and restore an attractive smile and improved function with focus on long term results.

3 learning objectives:

1) Understand the indication and potential of various materials and clinical protocols to treat tooth wear

2) Envision the potential of interceptive treatment strategy vs restorative & prosthetic options

3) Know about the long-term maintenance of restorations and control of risk factors


Interceptive treatment of tooth wear using no-prep & ultra-conservative adhesive techniques: a true paradigm shift


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